Advanced Salvo!
                       ADVANCED SALVO!  EUROPEAN THEATER

Advanced Salvo! European Theater is a strategy wargame simulating tactical World War II naval battles between individually rated warships.  It uses the standard Salvo! game system, but with advances and enhancements to allow players to recreate WW2 naval engagements between ships or squadrons of ships.  It has been designed to play equally well solitaire as for two players.  The game system emphasizes playability and historicity.  Warships from Great Britain, France, Germany, and Italy (BB, BC, PB, CA, CL, and AMC types) are provided.  

What's Included:  20-page illustrated rule booklet (containing standard, advanced, and optional rules, plus scenarios and ship record forms); four sheets (eight sections) of German, French, Italian, and British ship counters (144 in all); two Scenario Cards (Battle of the River Plate, and Denmark Strait), Sea Display; and two identical Reference Cards.  Ziplock packaging. Counters are printed in full color on thick card, and must be cut apart prior to play.

                                                                                                                     Ships are rated in a variety of categories (see
                                                                                                                     ship key), with some new advanced ratings
                                                                                                                     Ships are rendered at approx. 1/7000 scale, with
                                                                                                                     each speed actor equaling three knots, and each
                                                                                                                     range band about 2.5 nautical mils (5000 yards).
                                                                                                                     Each game turn represents several minutes of real

                                                                                                                     Advanced Salvo! European Theater is a thoroughly
                                                                                                                     revised version of the game system published in
                                                                                                                     2011.  It contains many refinements and new rules,
                                                                                                                     along with completely new graphics.  An additional
                                                                                                                     weather category has been added (Rainy), and some drm tweaks have been included in the game tables.  Advanced rules cater to multi-ship play effectively and easily, and add comprehensive Narrative Damage Tables to allow you to "see" what damage has been caused through gun fire.  A new Supplemental Damage category allows for rare or catastrophic results to occur without adding to complexity.  A Sea Display (with relative range bands of OneTwoThree, etc. replacing the ShortMedium, Medium-Long, etc. terminology of the past) has been included, which allows you to chart ship positions and bearings more easily.  There are new optional rules to cover such things as torpedo duds, crew quality, changing weather conditions, several different Weather Tables (North Sea, North Atlantic, Mediterranean, etc.), special considerations for British AMC and German raiders, and more.  Several historical scenarios are provided, and you can readily create your own.

Advanced Salvo! European Theater is the first of a planned series of World War 2 Salvo! games (with Advanced Salvo! Pacific Theater to follow next year).  (Note that Great War Salvo!--covering World War 1 naval combat--is not directly compatible with its World War 2 sister system... each war has its own special aspects, and, its own stand alone game system. So GWS! is similar to, but not directly compatible with, AS!.)
                                                                Sample Counters

Solitaire WW2 Tactical Naval Combat
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